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Many of today’s organizations would like to implement the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, but they face barriers such as lack of funding, management buy-in, and provable return on investment.

Interop’s new 2019 State of Emerging Technology report examines the benefits and adoption of emerging technologies such as AI, 3D printing, quantum computing, and machine learning, to name a few. The report also finds that established emerging technologies, such as software-defined storage, are solidifying their positions as pillars of enterprise technology.

The State of Emerging Technology report explores:

  • The majority (51%) see themselves as “curious but cautious” about the latest technologies.
  • The appeal of emerging technologies tends to be tied to an organization’s particular industry, for instance, 3D printing is of great interest in the medical industry, but not so much in other industries.
  • Practical interest in AI is strong in two areas that are key to corporate performance: increasing operational efficiency and improving the quality of customer interaction.
  • The top barriers to adopting emerging technologies are lack of funds, skills shortage, a desire to see proven success, and management’s resistance to change.
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