2020 State of Enterprise IT Report

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The pace of innovation continues to accelerate as organizations become increasingly digital. IT investment, cloud computing, AI and analytics, along with a renewed focus on customers and business partners, are helping IT secure its strategic position in organizations. IT leaders aren’t just considering but are implementing emerging technologies and concepts such as new cloud computing uses, a shift to analytics-driven decision making, and applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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The State of Enterprise IT in 2020 Report
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Disaster recovery (DR) is no longer an option.  Your smooth running IT system can easily fall victim to ransomware attacks or natural disasters. Let’s not forget about the expanding array of emerging cyberthreats and issues surrounding multicloud environments, or failed software recoveries and accidents caused by human error or broken utilities.  Businesses have a mounting list of dangers to protect themselves against and Interop Digital is here to help.

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