2020 IT Salary Survey Report

How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

Now is the time for you to create a new plan by evaluating what you earn, what you are worth, and where you want to grow. Download this report to help evaluate your value and worth in the IT professional job market for 2020.

Interop and InformationWeek surveyed full-time staff and management IT professionals employed in the United States with questions related to salaries, benefits, certifications, skills, and job satisfaction. The economy is strong, and U.S. IT professionals are reaping the rewards of a business environment that is increasingly built on technology. 2020 may be the best time for IT pros to take a critical look at their current compensation, their value to the organization, how current salaries compare to their peers, and ultimately, if they are paid what they are worth.

The 2020 IT Salary Report reveals:

  • IT professionals’ compensation in 2019
  • Details of the gender pay gap
  • IT job satisfaction
  • Effects of outsourcing on IT
  • And more!
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